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And so it began…

April 4, 2018 | written by Lynn

Soooo, I am new at this. Talk about old dog and new tricks!

Here we go…

Lynn Donaldson & Associates’s had a really humble beginning. Single, broke mom with two kids needed a job that would still allow me to share in my childrens’ childhood. Motherhood, work, kids, no money; talk about a delicate balance! I adore those kids more than anything and was determined to give them as much as I could.

It gave me tenacity.

Today they are the general manager and the construction manager of our active company.

But I am getting ahead of myself.

I am often asked how I built the company. Truthfully, it was fear of starvation, and love for my children. It is a long road, from where we started, to being named one of Canada’s top female entrepreneurs. I wish I could say it was planning, and strategy. In fact, it was a lot of hard work, and long hours and very supportive clients.

I believe I was very lucky. If I knew then what I know now…..we’ll let’s just say I am grateful that I didn’t. Those special clients from those early days, will always hold a place in my heart.

I has been 30 years since then! Where did the time go?

Daryl, Lynn & Neil

The time has come for me to step back, just a little. For me to have reduced responsibility in the company.   “Reduced Responsibility” is that code for old? I will be one of those old people toddling into the office way longer than they should. I love what I do.

The company is now called LD&A and I am so proud to be the founder.

I am proud of this company and everyone that works here. Why? We are driven by values and integrity, you know, the ‘say what you do and do what you say’ kinda people.

Our projects are not about us but about our clients. We have a knack for reading our clients and finding out what makes one different from the next, while creating timeless, tasteful interiors, and exteriors. We take pride in making each product unique to the homeowner. We love solving problems with creative solutions. Our team is talented. No question. But more importantly, they really care about the success of each project.

But enough about us.

This is about sharing with you!

Watch for interesting design topics that will be practical and easy to implement in future blogs. For my next blog that will talk about clutter and how a good design can help you avoid it.

As President of LD&A Lynn has been with the company since the very beginning in 1988. Blessed with 1 horse, 2 sons, 1 granddaughter and another grandchild on the way, a wonderful husband, her dog Benji and a multitude of great friends Lynn is never short of things to do in her spare time. Her passions are too many to count but family, friends, design, nature are all close to the top of the list. Lynn spends most of her time on the golf course or with her horse these days, while putting her decades of experience towards mentoring the LD&A family.

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